happy belated birthday, mr. b!

Last weekend we were one of the chosen few to come and help celebrate Brandon's {a little boy i've had the honor to baby-sit since he was crawling and took a nigthtime bottle} 3rd birthday! He is such a sweet, sweet, sweet boy, and it has fun so fun to watch him grow up under his loving parents...speak and carry on convos with us...and most of all: play football!!
And, naturally, the camera came with me. Duh. 

{gosh, i love these guys. i mean, could they get any more handsome?! [the answer's no, in case you were wondering... ;)]}
There was all kinds of sports activites set up, and you'd better believe what Clark and Brandon went for...the football.

Thanks to Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Chris for letting us come celebrate Mr. B's 3rd birthday!

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