preview monday

Remember THIS post? Well, as I was thinking about the blog yesterday (yes, i think about it and occasionally visit a couple blogs on Sunday, but i still don't log into Blogger. just a FYI.) I realized that a preview of the week's upcoming posts is a great idea! Thus, Preview Monday was born. This week's posts follow...
{clark's 1st football game}
{lindsay's birthday post}
 {goodies from gussy and moriah}
 {my new bible study}

So, what do you think about Preview Monday? Yay or nay? Of course I think it's a great idea since Mondays are busy/stressful enough and you don't have to even think about actually blogging that night, but I really want to know what YOU readers think. I'd hate to lose any followers... :)

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  1. I love the idea, Sarah-Anne! Can't wait to see this week's posts. =)