it's your birthday, so happy birthday to ya!

Never mind the fact that her birthday was two days ago, or the fact that I reposted some of the pics from her photo shoot installments but in B & W. Guess I'm actually getting around to posting my favorites in black and white like I said I would...
So, happy birthday to you, Linds! Thanks for all the "deep thought" convos that we have where we decide whether we're not your normal homeschooling family or not...or if homeschooling is kinda sorta a bad thing. Or the time you had your 16th birthday party and I totally and utterly embarrassed myself by saying I was my mother's child so I might not know how to hit a pinata?! Good times. :) Also, thanks for letting me shoot your pretty face (and red/blue hair)!

 {a real lindsay smile for you...}

P.S. Yes, I copied that title from a post the birthday girl said HERE.
P.P.S I won't be blogging tomorrow. Or any Thursday for that matter; it's just too much for me to do. 5 posts a week is okay, right?

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