my new bible study

Ya'll, I'm excited. I get excited whenever I think about this Bible study, and that's a new feeling for me. Sure, I've been excited at all my other Bible Studies I've gone to (and I've been to quite a few), but this one is different. I can't wait to crack open the book in the morning and underline all the quotes that speak to me. Between the first two meetings (we meet every other Tuesday) and the video sessions we watch, I've taken an insane amount of notes. And I never take notes, if that tells you anything.
Beth Moore cracks. me. up. She's on fire for the Lord, but is humble and down to earth as they come. Love her!
I wanted to include a picture of my teacher, Miss Lorraine, but after 10 mins of good ol' fashioned Facebook stalking, it wasn't happening. If I think Beth Moore is hilarious, Miss Lorraine, is rolling on the floor funny. For reals! :)
All in all, it's a great time of fellowship with friends like EmilyMoriahKatie, and Sam. I wish I could take all of you readers with me...

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  1. Sounds like your Bible study is going quite well! My mom did that Bible study a few years ago and enjoyed it.