clark’s first (and third) football game

Weekend here at out house can be summed up in one word: football. Football, football, football. I can honestly say that I now know a tad more than the basics on how to play a game, and I can even see questionable calls by the refs. Still, I’m not as into it as the guys, and I always go upstairs, lock my door, and try to work on some schoolwork.

And, now that Clark’s Upward season is in full swing, I decided that this post would be fitting since all we do is eat, sleep, and breath football on Saturdays, what with the game in the morning and ECU plays most afternoons.

That’s right, it’s Clark’s 1st football game…three weeks late! Oops…

Our new favorite picture of Clark:

clark1stfootball 006


clark1stfootball 016

A lot of plays ended up like this, and it was too funny to watch.

clark1stfootball 017

Clark’s team has won every game, but Upward, the Christian sports program he’s in, promoted good sportsmanship, so the team lines up and says congrats to the opposing team after the game…

clark1stfootball 038

Mama had to say congrats, too! Smile

clark1stfootball 046

I didn’t bring my camera to the second game, but I did bring it to the next (third) game. So, here’s some not-in-order shots from that game…

The coach and his posse:

football 026

football 028

football 033

My favorite of the day…

football 048

I had way too much fun with the still shots, so beware!

football 039

football 024

And, in case you couldn’t tell, ECU was playing, so everyone (and I mean everyone out there) was wearing purple…

football 059

football 065

Flattering, huh? Ha!

football 066

football 069

Dude, that’s going on my photo wall.

football 072

FYI, it was 5 degrees above freezing this morning. And we still have another month to go before it’s all said and done. Oy!

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  1. Great photos, Sarah! Looks like y'all had fun. :) Have a blessed weekend, dear friend!