Flickr has issues. Apparently I can only upload ten of them without running out of space and having to buy more space. Um, not happening. So, I tried Photobucket. Bingo! I've successfully uploaded the first batch of photos, so, for now, it's my new BFF. We'll see how it goes...
How do you like my excuses? Honestly, this week has been a total bummer what with school assignments popping up two days before they're due, and a bunch of other things that have taken their toll. Thus, no blogging.  Will a preview Friday for the upcoming week smooth things over? :) Just a note, some posts are from last week's preview post. I really wanted to post them, so I just wanted to give you guys a head's up!
{fall scenes}

{gussy and josiah's nest loot: repost}

{projects, projects, projects}

{brick wall}

{clark's 1st football game: repost}

Some other posts include my pumpkin cookie recipe with pictures I've yet to upload to PB, and, hopefully, pictures of this new coffee shop me and mama are going to tomorrow. It's supposed to be gorgeous inside, so I'm hoping it'll make for great times in the future...
Thanks for sticking with me, readers. Any and all suggestion on how to upload photo TO Blogger FROM Photobucket are so, so, so appreciated!

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  1. I love the photo of the car mirror...and the pic of you with the brick wall. :) You're a great photographer! Hope to chat with you later. Blessings!