fix it friday

Yay! I'm two for two in blogging each week for Fix It Friday. Small victory, I know, but seeing as I wasn't the greatest blogger in the world when I first started, I think I've had good progress...
Before we get to the pictures, there's some technical stuff that needs to be addressed. Angie and Amy (the founders of i heart faces) have recently been made aware that the generous people who have been supplying the pictures for Fix It Friday found out that their photos were being used without their permission. Since that happened, Angie and Amy have decided to only use the pictures that their official submissions people offer up for us, along with their photography business photos.
Now that all the techy stuff is out of the way, on to the pictures!
This week's edit (original):
My edit:
It was such an artistic shot already, but the color was off. I played around with it for the longest I ever have, but the only way I liked it was in black and white. At one time it looked like a 4-D ultrasound picture, and I considered leaving it that way since the original does look like the newborn is in the womb, but I decided to go with the B&W. I also cropped and rotated it, but that's just about it.
Enjoy your weekend, dear blog readers! We've got a little get together planned for Clark's Zoology co-op buddies, along with a bridal shower on Sunday for one of our favorite ladies, the Children's Director for CBS.  Needless to say, my blogging might be few and far between, but I'll be back with a great surprise later this week. Aha! I've got your attention now, eh?

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