fix it friday

Sorry for my absense in the blogging world this week. Between watching the pastor's kids twice this week and volunteering at our church's VBS, things have been just a bit...busy. And tiring, but mostly just busy. Oh, and another things that happened this week? I was stung by my first yellow jacket, that was in my hair. Beforwe you think that I have a stinger in my skull, let me say this: when Clark told me I had one in my hair, I subsequently reached back and shook my hair. Turns out those little suckers can hang on for dear life! When I reached up again, then I was stung. Right on the hand, but at least it wasn't my right hand. I jumped and screamed and cried...then cried some more. Poor Sam and Caleb...they had to witness my ugly cry. :)
And that concludes my totally unnecessary story, but hey...I've updated you on my life so far. You can thank me later. Also? Here's the real reason for my post!
This week's photo (original):
My edit:
Popped the colors a little bit and cropped the mailbox out of the frame. I wish I could blur out the light pole thing because I'd have totally done that by now. By the way, boy in the picture...I love how you're going for that I'm too cool for you attitude!

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