five reads for friday

Second certain day of the week post today. Seriously, leave me a comment with your thoughts on the whole thing; I'm not a hater for speaking the truth.
"Jesus" by Kelly. Powerful stuff ya'll. I have to admit that I'm guilty of thinking the same thing, so this post really hit close to home.
"Sunday Afternoon" by Esther. She one of my fave non-professional photo bloggers, and I really wanted to recreate the third to last picture, but failed. Big time. Great job, thought, Esther!
"An Exercise in Self-Control" by AllisonO. Another post that hits close to home. I don't have a fancy pants phone, but I'm really trying to scale down my time on the computer. It helps that we've been busy the past couple days, but that won't last forever, and I'll need to exercise self-control on a whole new level.
"Big Day" by Lauren. She and her husband found out the gender of their baby yesterday, and I'm totally in love with the way she broke the news to her bloggy peeps. I'm filing it in my mental file drawer for future reference. Congrats, Lauren and Justin!
"You Let Your Kids Watch What" by Ellyn. She never fails to get on the list each week...and that's saying something! Also, I laughed so hard when I read the last paragraph, so go read it for yourself...

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