almost wordless wednesday: a new camera

First off, thanks for all the input on my new profile picture! But I'm afraid it all wasn't any good, because, well...

That's right; I finally got my beloved camera for my birthday!! I am beyond excited, and this post is truly an AAW. Now, if you'd be so kind as to vote on these pictures, a million bonus points to you. :)


  1. Lovely camera, Sarah! I like the 4th photo best. Blessings!

  2. #4 because you can see your camera AND your beautiful face! :) Love you!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I like the one with you peeking behind the camera and the last one. Great job, Sarah-Anne! I can't wait to take pictures with you with my camera. I hope to buy it this weekend. Yay! :)

  4. I agree with the others: #4.

    Happy belated birthday, by the way! And how exciting that you got a new camera!! :)

  5. ooh how did i miss this??
    congrats! i'm sure you're having fun with it ;)
    and happy late birthday!