five reads for friday, er, saturday

When I first saw this on Meredith's while I was at the beach, I knew that I wanted to participate in it, but wasn't mentally prepared to write out a post that week. Another week went by and I couldn't sit down to re-read all the posts from the blogs I follow that week, so I put it off...until today! Yes, it's techincally not Friday, but, like I said, you sometimes have to pick and choose what blog carnivals you participate in . Why? Because even though some people do it as a means of updating people when they're having a baby or something, there's really no reason to post three times a day. That's what Twitter's for! :)
So, all that to say, click through to all the links that have inspired or just plain given me a good laugh this week! I promise you'll want to start following all my blogging friends once you've read their posts...
"A Peek Into Our Sister's Lives" by Em. She started a series of Q&A's, emailing well-known stay at home daughters who just happen to blog a while back. It's a wonderful insight to what goes on behind the computer screen, in day to day life, and what they really believe in. If you'd like to be interviewed, stop by and leave a comment telling her you want to! I know she'd love too.
"If You Could Spend an Hour with Anyone in the World... by Davene, the inspiration behind the whole monthly makeover idea. Really thought provoking stuff, along with the reason she doesn't like to become caught up in the blogging world.
"Sincerity Isn't Enough by Alyssa aka Resolved2Worship. Great quotes, along with a picture of her second oldest son jumping in a little kiddie pool. Always a plus, you know! :)
Alright, we need to lighten the mood here, so here's a couple blog posts that made me smile this week. Not that serious blog posts are bad, but one can only read so much serious stuff until their brain kicks into overdrive...
"Picnic in the Park by the one, the only...Gussy! She's a doll, and she takes really good pictures, too. It kinda a requirement for me to follow your blog. Kidding, kidding.
"O the Irony from AllisonO. I laughed so hard when I saw OBaby's face. And that little curl in his hair? LOVE.

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  1. Aw, thanks, Sarah-Anne! I'm so honored to be included in your list!