(me and my sunburned, make-up less face trying my best to smile, despite being worn out.)
Tired. Just...tired.
Why? Well, for starters, last night was a rough one. Numerous trips up and down the stairs to be reassured that I would eventually fall asleep, along with lots of midnight prayers, resulted in Mama saying that I could sleep downstairs on the living room couch. All this took place from when I stopped reading at 10:30 until somewhere around 1:00 AM. Now, I like to get my eight hours of sleep each night, and it usually happens, but it didn't last night. Mama and Dad emerged from the bedroom around 7:15, which meant 6-7 hours of sleep.
I made out fine today, but since we were having a pool party this afternoon, I'm hoping to crash and burn tonight. After I have a long prayer with Mama, of course! :)
Tired. Just...tired.

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