simple woman's daybook for june 7th

Alright, guys, you know the drill! Another Monday means another Simple Woman's Daybook, so head on over to Peggy's to read up on all the rules and regulations, then come back and type up your own post, link up and...volia! You've just particapted in the blog carnival that is known as The Simple Woman's Daybook. I don't care if spell check thinks that "Daybook" isn't really a word; I'm still going with it.
For today...June 7th, 2010. T-minus 12 days until my birthday! Hello, birthday cheesecake.
Outside my window...After the stormy night last night (yes, we finally got rain, and i slept through all of it. the lightning, the thunder...all of it. and to think that i took just one Benadryl before bed.), things cooled down and we've opened all the windows for the first time in several days. 
I am thinking...So many thoughts are running around in my head, so it's hard to choose just one. Ever had that problem?
I am thankful for...Summer days when you can take a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Mama fell asleep watching Clark's math lesson with him, and I'm about to join her in dream land. 
From the learning rooms...We just received our test scores back, and guess what subject I didn't do so well on? Math. Big shocker there, right? I'm not real worried about it, but Mama's thinking about signing me up for the SAT next year, so I'm starting to freak out a little. 
From the kitchen...I actually eating while I'm typing this, which is a big no-no in our house. Turkey wraps aren't messy, are they? 
I am wearing...A olive green t-shirt with some jean capris. Not my best looking outfit, but I'm spreading pine straw out in the flower beds later this afternoon, which doesn't exactly require some you'd wear if you were having friends over. 
I am creating...Nothing, unless you count this blog post as something that was created. Some things never change, I'm afraid. 
I am going...To take a nap after I finish this post. Mama's already asleep, and I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open. Benadryl is long lasting, no?
I am reading...After I finish the book Mama got me, it on to the book Sam gave me on Mem. Day. I've never read any books by this particular author, but I've read the first chapter and it looks promising!
I am hoping...That Mama will stay asleep long enough for me to finish this post, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. :(
I am hearing...Clark talking about...something. That's the same answer I gave last time, I think. Like I said, some things never change. 
Around the house...All is quiet. 
One of my favorite things...Naps. Really, I love them. However, the effect they take on my sleeping habits at night...not so much. Maybe I'll just read instead!
A few plans for the rest of the week...A couple trips into town for some CBS meetings, a possible afternoon with some kids I baby-sit for, and a lot of yard work. You know, typical summer days.
A picture for thought I am sharing...
(do you see what i see? i took this picture on saturday during the zoology party, so it's a little sneak peek at what's to come later this week. maybe, if you're nice, you'll get to see them later tonight! :)

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  1. Very interesting, well written Simple Woman's Daybook post. These type posts can be boring, but the way you responded to the prompts made me really want to read your responses, not just skim them.