practically pink giveaway, ya'll!

Just wanted to let you readers know that there's a giveaway going on in your neck of the woods, so hop on over to Emily's place to check it out!
(not the full picture, but i just wanted to show you what you're entering for!)
She and I had been talking about how she should celebrate when she reached 100 followers, but she never really decided on anything. Then, when her birthday rolled around, she received a "Practically Pink" t-shirt with a pink rose on it, handpainted/handmade by Lindsay. All the party people loved it, and I subsequently forgot about it, even though I emailed with Lindsay about a t-shirt I wanted designed for someone...and myself, about a million times.
What does this have to do with the giveaway? Nothing, really, I just didn't want the post to look short! Ever played that little card before? Admit it, you know you have. Kidding, kidding...'
The giveaway ends on the the 12th, I think, so make sure you get in all the extra entries before then. And, let me tell you, she's got a lot of different ways to make sure you get the same chance as everyone else.

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