Are ya'll getting tired of all the posts I'm doing about what we eat for lunch/dinner? Oh...you are? Well, I'm sorry, because I'm not about to stop anytime soon! :)
Since we didn't really have anything at the house for lunch, we decided a trip was to the new Zaxby's was in order. It's one of our favorite places to eat, and they have reasonably heathly food, so I was pretty excited. Clark and I weren't expecting to go anywhere today, so we weren't in a rush to get dressed or anything, but as soon as Mama told me that she was going to be home in a couple minutes, we changed pretty quickly! I think I showered in 10 minutes, along with all the other things I do in the morning to get ready, although blow drying my hair didn't get to happen, thus the wet hair in the pictures.
We waited and waited for this Zaxby's, which is relatively close to our house, grand opening all month long, then forgot about it opening yesterday. I really like it, and Mama does too, but Clark, the party pooper he is, said he liked the old one better. This one was great decorations, along with local signs and stuff, so it doesn't really feel like a chain restaurant.
Clark picked the biggest booth he could find, and this was the view from there...
I really liked the counter and drink area. It was a lot different from the one we usually go to, but I still liked it.
Close-up of the drink machine. I'm really digging the tile backsplash, though. 
There's Mama, ordering for us. She's in the blue shirt, and she kinda sticks out compared to all the red.
This is what Clark and Mama split, the Nibbler Meal. Pretty yummy, if I do say so myself!
And this is what I got! That's one huge salad, and I managed to eat most of it. I know, I know...where does it all go, seeing as if the wind was strong enough, I'd blow away. :)

There's the wet hair in all it's shiny, slick-looking glory. They had the air conditioning on in the building, so I was freezing by the time we left. Note to self: Take a jacket wherever you go. Today was the one day I didn't, and I paid the price.
See what I mean about the signs? I laugh every time I see the second one. I think they've had it at all the ones I've been to, come to think of it! Oh, and Miss Zaxby's worker, you're now famous, like that guy at Wendy's. Consider it a honor, okay?

All in all, we had a great time, laughing and almost choking on our food since we were laughing so hard. Although, I wasn't to keen on this guy watching me eat...

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