fish tacos

Seems like my blog is turning into a food blog, no? But, really, food is so much easier to take pictures of, rather than sticking a camera in someone's face all the time, although the family is used to it by now.
Tonight we had fish tacos, without the taco part. :) It was more like a burrito, so Dad kept calling them fish burritos, even though we told him different.
The assembly line:

As you can see, we broke out the fancy plates for this meal. Okay, not really; they're just paper plates. 
Loading up the burrito with red onion, avocado and cilantro. Lime juice was squeezed on there, but the limes we got weren't very juicy, so we had to ration it out in order for everyone to get some.
Also, when Dad asked how we were making them, Mama said this:
"You say this, Tom: Fishy, Fishy, come swim into my taco!" Is that not hilarious? She said it complete with hand motions, too!

The finished product! It was yummy, but Mama and I both agreed that we need to have some sort of sauce on it. 
Clark takes eating very seriously, but don't let him fool you, because the next picture I took was one of him smiling with a piece of burrito in his mouth.
Dad prefers to eat his burrito in three bites. And, FYI, that was his second one of the night.
In the words of Rachael Ray...That's what's for dinner tonight! It was mighty tasty, too, which was a plus. :)


  1. Hi Sarah-Anne,
    Those look delicious!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I will have to visit your blog more often. :)

  2. Sarah-Anne,

    Even though I am not a fish taco person, they look wonderful. You did a great job blogging a recipe in an interesting way.

    I read through a couple of your other posts and what I LOVE about your blog is that it's just like listening to you talk - I mean, I can hear you saying the things you write. That's a compliment. Well done!