a giveaway, a giveaway!

**UPDATE** As of today, I've entered two more Gussy giveaways! I have a problem, I know, but her stuff is just so darn cute. Here's the links if you're interested...
The Mom Creative and Heir to Blair (She's got a bunch of giveaways going on in celebration of her birthday, so enter to your hearts content!)
(FYI, I discovered these particular giveaways from Maggie's twitter, which I highly recommend following her, since she gives giveaway updates and all. Just wanted to let you readers know that I don't really read these blogs, except when I'm all out of updates from you guys! :)
I heart giveaways, and I enter them constantly, but I rarely win them. I did win a Gracie ruffle skirt from Madeline Marie Studio, but that is the extent of my giveaway loot. Imagine my excitement when I saw AllisonO's tweet about a Gussy giveaway!
Gussy has been offering up a lot of her handmade creations to mommy bloggers as products to let other people who might not purchase something like that a chance to own one. Make sure you check Gussy out at her shop (link above.), her blog, and, if you can't get enough of her, she's on Twitter! Just search for GussySews and you can get your Gussy fix all throughout the day.
I left a comment on Allison's blog about blogging for an extra entry, but I haven't heard from her, so I just went ahead and started writing this post in hopes of it counting. If you have a Twitter account, you can snag your extra entry that way, but don't count on blogging about it as a way to gain an entry, okay? I'd hate for people who found out about it from my blog saying that they weren't given all of their entries!
One last link to tell you guys where all the ruffles are: http://omyfamilyblog.com/ and a picture that will melt your heart...
OBaby in the "Gus to Work" laptop bag. What's he trying to do? Kill me with cuteness or something?

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