welcome September {a new blog look}

Sorry for the silence on ye ol' blog, readers! You really are the best for sticking with me through my OHMYWORD I CANNOT STAND THE WAY MY BLOG LOOKS MUST CHANGE IT NOAWH moods I have sometimes. They are frequent, and fierce.

For example, this weekend SSA was kinda looking like a hot mess. BUT! Even though there's a couple things I'm in the process of perfecting, it's looking like fall over in this corner of the interwebs I like to claim as my own. Shout out to my blogging friend who is not just a blogging friend anymore but a best friend even though I never tackled hugged her Emily who did the whole no header thing for me. Thank you Em!

Bring on the sweaters, tea, and bonfires. Oh yeah and there's that thing called school but ya know, God's blessed me with an easy load this semester and I intend on enjoying the season instead of being buried in textbooks and not a pile of leaves.

Pea ess: My ever-fangirling (Hello new season of Doctor Who!) Tumblr was updated as well to look quite similar to my Blogspot. Check it out here!

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