how to kick off the weekend right

The Coffee Shack and I have become reaquainted after a long summer apart. I spend countless hours there in between work and being picked up, not to mention Rachel and my DW days! Studying is just more enjoyable (wow is that even possible?!) with a good dose of sugar and caffiene in my system.

My usual: small Mocha Frappe with lots of whipped cream + chocolate. Yeahhh baby.

And this is how I kick off a weekend: cup of tea in hand and friends playing some awesome music in the background.

Mom stayed and had tea with me too.

You can see just how close CFA is to the CS...that little red dot is the sign! Also? Beautiful sunset, no?

The CS is so cozy at night.
I hope my readers get to indulge in a coffee shop visit this weekend. I'll be with you in spirit, sipping my English breakfast tea whilst buried under a pile of books. Fun times.

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