scenes from the weekend

I gots all fancy-like for waitressing!

Believe me little adorable cow, I eat so much chicken.

Numbered tables I kept getting mixed up. Waitressing is hard yo.

But it was oh so fun. I got the honor of waiting on the owners wife and family friends!

Being the salt of world. I'm bringing the flavor of Jesus to the world guys!

Just a little outfit I threw together that morning. Also? I'M STILL TAN. WHAT?!

ACTS at the Edwards...oh yeahhh!

Conner photobombs.

Kaley and our little "sister" Margaret.

Be jealous of our cool shoes.

MK and I.

Rachie stole my camera and got some pricless shots. The right one she got when she said "Make an 'I miss Jack' face.

Miss Cindy wondering why the Coble boys are so weird.

I flippin' LOVE these girls. One's been my friend for years, and one's been my friend for only months. But you couldn't tell which is which because they are both so special to me. (L to R:Rachel, moi, and Kaley).

Tanner, the older Coble brother. He's just so funny.

Conner was like me that night: "NO PICTURES!"

For once, nothing was unpictured. This was basically my weekend: CFA and youth group. And I'm cool with that.

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