adventures with Rachel {volume 1}

You guys, I've talked about my friend Rachel on ye ol blog before, but not nearly enough. She is so special and unlike any of my other friends. She's beautiful inside and out because ya'll, she spent a whole Sunday afternoon with me and loved me enough to get me food and clothes. We had SO much fun, and I titled this post "Adventures with Rachel volume 1" because I know there will be many more afternoons with her in the future.

After church (I went to LBC to hear her and the praise band lead worship. They are so talented!), we headed across town to the Mellow Mushroom. AND YA'LL THE PIZZA. We both filled up on so much yummy mushroom soup so we had a ton of pizza to pack up in boxes and snack on during the afternoon.
I don't even like mushrooms. Neither does Rachie. But we both LOVE this soup.

We sat at the bar so they put our check in a shot glass. We had such a good laugh about sitting at the bar.
After we filled up on pizza, we wandered around the mall and then ended up at Charlotte Russe. We spent so much time in there just looking, then Rachel said, "You have your camera right?! I'm gonna pick out outfits for you and you're gonna model them OK?!" And that's where we spent the rest of the afternoon, picking out things that went together and me being a model. Which is very laughable (me being a model...homegirl is short), but hey we made memories and had a blast. Consider this a huge "I'm sorry!" for no outfit posts in a looong while.

So are you ready to see all the GORGEOUS outfits Rachel put together for me & I had such a hilarious time modeling? YES YOU ARE.

probably my favorite outfit. I have a new love of blazers.
According to Rachel, I look good in seafoam. We had SO many seafoam colored clothing items in our hands I'm pretty sure we looked like the sea itself.
She made me wear pumps ya'll. I almost died, true story.

she let me wear her flower too! as an apology for making me wear the shoes probably :P

this jacket = LOVE.

This was my second favorite outfit. I loved the navy/red. AND they were red hot pants. I need a pair.

funny story: the shoes were tied together so I scooted across the floor instead of really walking.

all business. LOLZ NOPE.

Seafoam really is pretty.
It's no secret I love dresses, so we picked out a bunch of those too.

I felt so girly in this dress. So Rachel bought it for me because she's flippin' amazing.

Army green is one of my favorite colors.
Not one of my favorites, but it was so cool!

Again with the shoes & seafoam.

So that was my Sunday afternoon. Acting crazy in the dressing rooms of our ghetto mall. An outttakes post is coming later this week because YOU GUYS. I am so hilarious in front of a camera. Not gonna lie, I like the candid shots Rachel managed to capture better than the posed ones!

A failed attempt at a picture together.

Better! Isn't Rachel just SO GORGEOUS?! (the answer is yes BTW)

Go try on some clothes in your favorite store sometime soon. Trust me, it makes it life seem so much better. Happy Thursday readers.

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