remember that time i got so sick i had to go home from work?

And remember when I spiked a fever of 103 three afternoons in a row? And when I had to call in sick to work on Friday and couldn't quit laughing on the phone about it because my fever was so high I was loopy? AND do you remember the time I went to the doctor and they tested me for mono and my gag reflex although caused me to throw up on the nurse when she stabbed the back of my throat for a strep test? AND DO YOU KNOW THAT THIS ALL HAPPENED OVER MY FALL BREAK?!

Yeah, good times.


My body finally decided to say enough and give me a little wake up call telling me I needed to chill for a couple days. I'm better now, just in time to go photograph a kiddo's birthday party and take an exam (yes an exam OVER FALL BREAK. my life). Yay me!

I hope your weekend was better than mine readers, because unexplained viruses kinda ruin a weekend. Speaking from experience DUH.

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