i'm hilarious and i know it

Because no pictures of moi have outtakes that go with them. I made Rachel cry at one point, and then I lost it when I got locked out of the changing stall and had to crawl under it. 
So tough. LOLZ NOPE.


I'm part lizard in case you didn't know.


"Oh you think I'm a professional? You silly person you."

So girly.

Classic SA face.


I just don't know what to do in front of a camera!

I find myself really funny. Well, that and the poses Rachel made me do.

I just loved wall OK?
This is like Adventures with Rachel: Things Get Real Edition. Half of the pictures where like this, the other my sassy model side came out. Sassy should be my middle name, methinks.

Go take some silly pictures, readers. It does a soul good.


  1. Love these clothes on you! You look gorgeous :)

  2. haha, these are so funny! i love the outfits :)

  3. Hahaha... those pictures cute either funny. i love the way you pose and enjoy yourself :)