ff challenge day 3

I'm going to toot my own horn here and say that while wearing a white skirt, I...
(a) Cut up strawberries
(b) Sat next to a little boy I baby-sit who loves ketchup wayyy too much, then likes to beat you on the thigh to get your attention with his ketchup covered hands
and (c) baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes. Without getting anything on my skirt!! I'm pretty proud of myself. :)
Day Three's outfit wasn't the best choice for the day, but I decided I couldn't not wear my skirt today. I had to keep the "wear a skirt one day, then a dress the next" pattern I had going on. Yes, I love routine, but I also love to be spontaneous. Best of both worlds, right? Not really.
Are you getting tired of mirror shots yet? I know I am, but I really can't think of a place in the house to take a decent picture. Since we can't go outside when the parents aren't here, it makes it hard to wait until they're home just to take a picture outside. I promise that I'll take some outside tomorrow, okay? Good.

I was trying to imitate Esther's pose in a picture she took for one of the Challenges...

Outfit spec's...
FYI, this outfit is basically the same one that I did for the last day if the March challenge, but with a different colored shirt. And shoes. Okay, so it's not exactly the same, but it's pretty close!
Shirt: Not a good choice for today. When you sweat, it's not real absorbent, so it stays wet for a while. If my hair wasn't dry, I would've thought that someone dumped water on me. I think the material it's made out of is to blame. Some sort of stretchy stuff. It's a hand-me-down for Sam. Hey, hey, hey, Sam! :) I know you're reading my blog, so make yourself known already and comment.
Skirt: Just your basic mid-calf length white skirt. I heart white skirts. So perfect for the summertime...
Shoes: Sorry, no shoes in the picture, but I was wearing a black version of my brown Speedo flip-flops.
Jewelry and Hair: College cross necklace, but no other jewelry. Hair was simple today, just blow dried, parted, and pulled back with a clear headband. Does anyone out there have a problem with getting a headache after you've worn a headband all day, because it almost always happens to me.
I couldn't resist putting in this picture, because it shows how excited I am about doing the challenge this time around! Keep up the good hosting skills, Emily! You're doing a great job.


  1. I must admit, I was impressed when I read the first part, but once I saw your pictures I was even more impressed. I can't seem to wear white skirts without finding myself scrubbing out a stain! Oh by the way I love your outfit, very cute!

  2. And thank you for your sweet comment!!

    Emily <3

  3. Yes, I must admit that although I live white I seem to attract stains when I wear white. That's a lovely skirt! I always like teired skirts the best. That and patchwork!

  4. Very cute! I love that skirt on you. :D