happy memorial day!!

Just hopped on for a quick post while Mama's at work, since she's really not too happy about me getting on the computer in the morning. I tried to tell her that I hadn't gotten on Blogger yesterday, but to no avail. This no blogging on Sunday has some serious withdrawal symptoms; I dreamt about my blogging friends all night last night. Yes, I've got it bad...
Speaking of things that are serious, this post was meant to thank everyone who has served and/or is serving our country today. The fallen heroes deserve some love too, so here's to you guys (and girls!) who risked your life to help a America be the country it is today. Thank you, thank you, thank you...for all that you've done, along with the sacrifices that your family had to make as well!

(all of these pics were taken last 4th of July, when Emily and I took pictures of anything and everything we saw. that was back when she had a new camera, plus a blog, while i just had the old version of her camera. not much has changed...except i have a blog now! :) how could i forget about that?)

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