new blog and monthly makeover update

Just wanted to hop on real quick to tell you guys know that my friend, Moriah, has started a blog! She's been blogging for a month or so now, and she's pretty good at it too. She's a great young lady whose desire is to glorify Jesus in everything she does. Go on over and say hello, why don't you?
And while I have your attention, I'd like to direct you over to my sidebar. Notice anything different? Yep, after however many months I've had this blog, I finally decided to add a blog list. Now you know why I need to go to Blogger's Anonymous; I follow a lot of blogs. I used to have to have them "approved", which (thankfully!) stopped, and there are still some missing and I occasionally read, but other than that, it's good to go. Click on any ol' link that you'd like and start reading. I promise you'll find encouragement and whatever else you're looking for, because I know I do. Of course I've got some of the "famous" moomy bloggers, like MckmamaKelly and the like, but I also have some up and coming sort of moms over there too. Let's make them "famous" by clicking over to their place once in awhile!

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  1. Hey, Sarah-Anne! Thanks so much for the sweet post you did about my new blog! :D

    Your bloggin' buddy,