fix it friday

Yay! I'm finally getting to post a Fix it Friday on the same week it's supposed to be done. Actually, I have to confess that I toyed around with the idea of not doing it this week, for the sole reason that I had some other idea for posts that were also "blog-about-this-thing-this-day" type thing. Why, oh why does very thing have to be on the same day? Why can't it be on a Tuesday or something? Oh well, "Fix It Tuesday" doesn't quite have the same ring to it, I guess...
Before I go off on a rabbit trail, which I do quite often, I'd better direct you to this week's photo that's in need of some help! I'm pretty pleased with my edit, although I have no idea what in the world I did to make it so pretty.
This week's edit (original photo):
They are too cute, don't you think? I can't get over their candid faces! I measure a photographer's success in the candid shots they take, actually.
My edit:
I know I messed around with everything option I had, like exposure, brightness, saturation and all of that. And  I wish I knew how I turned the background that awesome blue color, but, of course, I don't. The good thing about having photoshop? You can save the way you made certain pictures look and then, with a click of a button, apply it to any photo you upload. Sigh...It must be really nice to have that feature, especially for a forgetful person like me.

I'm working on some other posts, scheduled for this weekend, so be sure to check back later tonight and tomorrow afternoon. But, as you know, no posts on Sunday. :)

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  1. Sarah, you did a great job editing the photo! The babies are so adorable!