day 1 @ peppertree

For safety reasons, I decided not to share the name of where we were staying. But, since we're back safe and sound, I feel like it's okay to let you readers know where we were. I highly recommend this particular resort, and so does our whole family...on both sides! I'm been there every year of my life, and, obviously, so has Clark. So many memeries; some good, some bad. Like the time I was hit in the head with a tennis ball. Yeah, let's not go there...
I wasn't really in the picture taking mood on Thursday, but I did remember to take some pictures to show you guys what our condo looked like. The condo was only one bedroom (which is on the other side of the wall.) and one bathroom (which is down the hall by the fridge.). It made for some trying times, but we survived! It was especially hard when we invited my aunt Karen and Sam down to spend Friday night. Six people in a place that was only meant for four. Interesting, to say the least.
The first picture is looking at the living room from the door. I think the door was blocking the TV, so that's why Dad's making a face.
This view is the kitchen. Moving on, because there is not much to see hear!

Just a different angle of the living room. I think I stood behind the dining room table, which is where Mama is sitting, and took this one.
And that's pretty much all we did Thursday afternoon. I think we might have gone down to the beach and laid out for a couple minutes, but other than that, we just hung around the place. After supper, we took a walk on the beach, which is one of my favorite things ever...

Although they have nothing to do with what we did, I have to put these pictures in!
Clark showing you the concentration involved while watching Cash Cab. Note the Dr.Pepper can within arm's reach...
And Mama, out like a light at 7:45 that night, just when we were getting ready to go for a walk. Sorry about it not being rotated...I didn't realize you had to do that BEFORE you upload it. Oh well, you can use it as a chance to stretch your neck muscles.
Coming up: Wordless Wednesday, Worship Music Wednesday, and Days 2, 3, and 4, along with Fix it Friday!

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  1. Neat, Sarah-Anne! :D

    We went to the beach recently also...
    I love the ocean! ;)

    In Christ,