ff challenge day 7

It's the last day of the Challenge. And I really don't have much to say about it, which is pretty sad, isn't it? I'm not one to sugarcoat things or anything like that; I see the glass half empty on most days. But let's not go into all that right now. I'm putting on my happy face now...
I really, truly don't know why I'm posting this picture. I think I'm excited about something, but in my haze of whatever mood I'm in, I can't remember. Anyway, I think it's a good illustration of my face making skills...
Outfit specs:
Shirt: $4 from Old Navy. I bought a bunch of these style shirt (in different colors) since they go with just about anything. Plus, it's hard not to buy anything that's 4 bucks, right?
Skirt: Same jean skirt I've been wearing. Emily was kind enough it cut it off at the knee and hem it for me since I'm the world's biggest klutz. Really, I am! I tripped over my size 5 feet once, then probably ran into something trying to brace myself for the fall. Some people are naturally graceful, and as much I'd like to be, I'm not one of them.
Shoes: Just some house slippers from Sam's. They aren't picture-worthy, so I kicked them off when I was taking the pictures.
Jewelry and Hair: I'm not putting up a fight this time, so here it goes...I'm wearing my college cross necklace. Okay, it's over with. :) My hair isn't really pretty, but for the sake of people who love details, I blow-dried it and did some sort of twist/bun at the nape of my neck.
No fancy, eloquent farewell to all you fellow Challengers, partly because I don't feel really fancy and eloquent today. Make sure you link up at Emily's one last time and leave a comment telling her how great a job she did hosting the month's Challenge! Bravo, bravo...or something like that.

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