ff challenge day 2

FF Challenge, Day Two! It's not too late to join, you know. Feel free to go check out Emily's place and see her neat outfits, write your own Challenge post, complete with pictures of your outfit, then link up with her neat Mcklinky thing. 
I didn't feel like harassing, I mean, asking nicely, for Clark to take my pictures, so it was off to my room to take pictures with my mirror...again. 

Outfit spec's:
Dress: From Target, actually. Not sure how much, but it's served me well. The pockets are pretty awesome as well. Who here like dresses with pockets?
Shoes: Mom asked me if she could wear my Speedo flip-flops today, so no shoes on the feet. If there were, it'd be those.
Jewerly and Hair: College cross necklace, although I was planning on wearing these earrings...
...but I couldn't find the other one! :( Just wanted to show you guys what they'd look like. I'm having a really good hair day, so I just left it down. No pinning the bangs back or anything! I'm sure my hair will be destroyed as soon as I get in the car, though. Curse you, car without air-conditioning. I can't wait until next week when we will finally have it fixed.
Off to buy groceries for the rest of the week. I heart food, even though you wouldn't know it. I'm only 70+ pounds, but I can put away some food, especially raw veggies and fruit! You could say I'm a heath freak, but in a totally loving way. :)

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