i'm feelin' feminine...again!

It's the beginning of the month, so that means a new issue of Challenging Femininity over at Feelin' Feminine. And a new issue of Challenging Femininity means a new Challenge. That sounded pretty redundant, didn't it?
This month's Challenge is hosted by Emily (not to be confused with Practically Pink's Emily), so go on over and check things out, then go back on over to Feelin' Feminine, sign up with that really cool Mcklinky thing, but only if you feel led to. I wasn't really sure if I was going to do it, since I over-analyze things, but it's just wearing skirts for a week, right? Um, not so much. It's a statement of faith and, no duh, femininity. See why it was hard? Also, I wear my bathing suit more than actual clothes in the summer, so my summer wardrobe isn't all that great. I do believe a trip to Target is in order, don't you?
I'll have my post for Day One up a little later today, so be on the outlook! **UPDATE** It's going to be more like later tonight, but don't let that stop you! Also, I'm leaving you with a challenge all my own. Ready? I challenge you to write a post with "challenge" in it more than I do! And throw in some links, why don't you? Sorry, couldn't resist! :)

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