fix it friday

Seems like I can't do a Fix It Friday post every week! Granted, we were at the beach last Friday, and there were many reasons why last week's picture didn't get posted. A computer that would make the picture black whenever I tried to edit the color temp, brightness, etc. was only one of them...
Last week's photo (original) :
My edit:
It's a little fuzzy, no? I think I messed around with the editing tools too much. But it's an improvement from the original; the first one was dark and washed out.
This week's photo (original):
She's a little cutie, isn't she? Such big, dark eyes! And that dress she's got on...so pretty.
My edit:
Just cropped it, played with pretty much everything until it turned black and white. And, man...those eyes are really getting to me! I also love how I made the background blur a tad more, kinda like bokeh.
Feel free to download these photos, but only the originals, for your own Fix It Friday post, then link up at I heart Faces.com and leave me a comment saying you did it! That last instruction was mainly just for me to see your edits. :)

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