ff challenge day 1

Ya'll (when I say ya'll, you know I'm being serious. Just a heads up!), I had the. hardest. time. deciding if I was going to actually do the Challenge this morning. You don't know how much I wanted to spill on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt this morning after I took a shower. It might have looked like I was watching this Disney channel show with Clark, but I was really having another one of my mind convos. If you thought my last one was crazy, this one was just sad... 
On to the pictures! Clark has too enthralled with whatever he was doing on the computer, so I was left to take my own pictures. When all else fails, use a mirror. :)

My eye looks like it has a twitch in this one, but I promise you it doesn't. I think I squint one eye more than another, actually.
The outift specific's...
Shirt: One hot summer, er, spring day when it was close to 90 degrees outside, a girl named Sarah-Anne decided she'd be fine if she put on a black sweater, with a tank top under it, to wear the whole way to a friend's house in a car without air conditioning. Yeah, bad move, SA! Since I was in a house with 6 other guys, I was not about to take my sweater off, so I sat there, burning up in my black sweater. Did I mention they kept their house at a warm 70-something degrees? What does this have to do with where I got the shirt? Well, sweet Annaliese let me borrow a shirt of hers, and I'm in love with it! Too bad I have to give it back to her at the end of this week. :( I tried to look at the tag, but there wasn't a label or anything.
Oh well, since it's not mine, I have no clue where it came from or how much it was, but I'll bet it was more than what I'd pay for. I can't help it...I'm a cheapskate.
Skirt: Same one from the last Challenge. I don't think I've worn it since then, actually. Sad, I know. It's a bit bulkier than I like, partly because it used to be an ankle length skirt. I think I'll like a more structured one better.
Shoes: You can see them in the first picture, although not very well. They were $15 at Sam's Club, plus they're Speedo's, so you know I heart them. Mom's going to get a black pair so we can have one in each color. It's pretty cool when you and your Mom are the same shoe size!
Jewelry and Hair: Just my college cross necklace and the ol' "put your bangs back in a bobby pin" thing. Move along, people, because there's not much to see in the accessories department. Hopefully, I'll perk up a bit and actually do a hairstyle later in the week.
Make sure you link up at Emily's, leave a comment, and just say hi to the world, really! Oh, and FYI, mom's can do it too. No age limit, so go on over there. Yes, I'm looking at you, Davene! Hahahaha...


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  2. Sarah-Anne,

    I am now a fellow blogin' buddy. :)

    Please feel free to drop by.

    Good luck with your FF challenge.

    In Christ,


  3. just saw your blog, moriah! can't wait to see all those posts you have written up...

  4. Yay! I love the FF challenge! :D

  5. I love the stripes! I need more stripes in my wardrobe. I'm too plain :-)

  6. Super cute! You're adorable! One day if we meet God willing...I want to do a photo shoot of you! =)

  7. You're so funny! Thanks for making me laugh. :)