almost wordless wednesday: family vacation

I still can't get over the fact that we were at the beach a couple days ago. Real life tends to have that affect on you, doesn't it?
And, just for kicks, here's our family picture last year. (Side note: Clark found those glasses Dad's wearing in the ocean. True story! Just ask Sam, who was there when Clark came running up the beach saying glasses had hit him in the head while he was laying in the sand by the water.) We actually had someone take this one, unlike what we did this year. It was a miracle that I didn't fall and hit my head while trying to get back to the spot and sit down before the auto-timer went off. I found a rock in my shoe afterwards, which I didn't discover until I started to walk. 
Here's this year's. We tried to be in the same order, but we couldn't remember who was where very well. Obviously, since we are shuffled around from the original one...
After we took the family picture, we walked down the boardwalk to take some pictures of the ocean (which are coming soon, I promise!). When I saw Emily's post from last year, which I can't find, with her and her siblings shoes, I wanted to copy it. This was my version...
A zoomed-in version turned out much better!
I think it describes us so well. Clark's just a barefoot kind of guy, not really caring about the way his feet look, which is exactly the way he is in real life. Dad's very classic, so the tennis shoes on the beach is perfect for him. Mama is classic too, but she puts her own flair in everything, including her wardrobe. I've caught the kids I baby-sit for just staring at her earrings and clothes, their eyes just as big as they can be. And me? I'm a step behind everyone else. Sperry's are timeless, but at the same time so last year. I like everything to be matchy-matchy and stuff, but I also love pops of color.
Your regularly scheduled, snarky, sarcastic SA will be back tomorrow, I promise. Then again, I don't know what mood I'll be in, so don't count on it...

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