stream of consciousness: take two

**UPDATE** We're here!! Two and a half hours of Clark asking to listen to music, Mom talking on the phone, and two stops due to road work all made us a bit ansty, but we made it in all in one piece. Mom commented when we gotten here that she was glad we were here (she's not a fan of vacations, so I was confused, to say the least.)...for Clark's sake! :) The boy was sooo excited, so such so it was getting on our nerves. He said that he woke up every hour last night, and we believe him.
Ugh, it makes my stomach turn at the subject I chose for my last Stream of Consciousness post. I mean, life? Such a general topic, and really not what the whole series is supposed to be about. Anyway, it's been a long time, so I figured while I wait for the other members of the family to finish packing, I'd sit down and share my thoughts. I tend to go off on a rabbit trail, so consider yourself warned. Wait, did I say that in my last SOC post?  I guess I need to come up with a better catch phrase for my intro's to my post...
Waiting, waiting, waiting. Mom's off doing something for work while Clark and Dad are investigating why the water sounds like it's running, even though it's not on anywhere in the house. Just the kind of thing you'd want to do before you leave for a vacation. I'm not the handy-man, er, woman, so I'm pretty much useless, which is why I'm spending all my time this morning on the computer. Hey, give me a break, because I'm going without it for four days. Sam and I have already decided that I need to go to Blogger's Anonymous, but I think I'd be the only one there. She replied that there are plenty of people who look at blogs way too often, like some of the blog people I follow. Touche, Sam, touche.
Man, I've got to log out...and just when I was getting started! Oh well, this was short and sweet, but Dad and Clark are fussing at me because I didn't but my toothbrush in bag that it was supposed to go in. Ah, family vacations. :)
Look for some posts from the beach, but there might be a chance that I'm not able to log into Blogger. What I'm trying to say is don't hold your breath. There, I feel better now.

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