almost wordless wednesday: cousin love

Samantha (aka Sam) offered to take my pictures for Day 6 of the Challenge with we were at the grandparents house visiting for Mother's Day. Whenever we take pictures, we have to do jumping shots, which usually have pretty hilarious outtakes. Scroll on down to look that those, but if you stick around, you can see just how tan Clark really is compared to the rest of us. It's crazy to think he'll be even darker later this summer...
Me and Sam (doesn't he have the most beautiful hair ever? Unfortunately, Clark got the curly hair like she has. Don't get me started on that subject, trust me!):
A group shot. Please ignore the cut on my head. Let's just say that Me + a Frisbee in the pool = equals that thing on my forehead. I've already been called Frisbee Face by a person who shall remain nameless...
The rest are jumping shots, but we like to call them High School Musical shots. Yes, I was a HSM groupie, but no longer. I've since realized just how corny it is to burst into song when you walk in the school hallway, but life would be awesome if we did do that.
Yes, I am totally aware that I'm getting smacked in the face with my necklace...
Not real sure where the orange blob in the lower right corner is, but I couldn't really edit it out. Sorry!
I saved the best for last. The hair, the face...Perfect jump shot.

Thanks for being such a good sport Clark and Sam!


  1. Neat post, Sarah-Anne! :D

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Great post, SA! Love the pictures! :D