ff challenge day 5

Is the Challenge really, truly going to be over soon? I'm having a hard time accepting the fact, if you couldn't tell.
Ignore the vacuum in these photos. I was cleaning up my room, and didn't even think about it being in the background.
Outfit specs:
Dress: Magenta blouse-ish dress from Target. Not sure how much, but I know I admired it for what seemed like a really long time before it went on the sale rack. Totally worth all the waiting I had to endure, though. Mom says it's too short, but I just can't give it up. I'll probably keep it and wear it like a shirt next year. Have you ever had a item of clothing you just can't give up? I seem to have that problem with every other thing I buy.
Shoes: Look, Mama! No shoes. I really didn't wear anything except my dad's old flip-flops when we were working outside. And they are definitely not picture worthy, much less blog worthy.
Jewelry and Hair: Do I really have to say that I'm wearing my college cross necklace. Yes? Fine, then. I'm wearing my college cross necklace, and my "bracelet" is a pony tail holder. Mama side braided my hair this morning, so I took a picture to show off her handiwork to the whole world...
Yes, I make faces, but most of them aren't this pretty. In fact, they're horribly unfeminine. I wonder who I go that from. ::side eyes my mother dearest with a smirk:: I also have no idea why this picture is so dark. I promise you I'm not as sleep-deprived as I look.
I'm off to spend some time with the family. After all, it's a Saturday night, and we have nothing better to do. Kidding, kidding. :)

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