an afternoon with friends

Warning: picture overload. like, picture overload as in more pictures than the beach posts. Which, by the way, is still sitting in my draft folder. I'm a bad blogger when it comes to doing posts like that. I'm good at the fluff kind of stuff, but I can't seem to get the hang of telling you guys what I did a couple days back. Interesting! Switching subjects to the real thing that this post's about...
This afternoon, we finally got together to see the Nichols, and we just about had to refrain from going outside and screaming, we were so excited. It seemed like a long time since we were all together, and what better excuse to use to get them over to our house than that the pool was ready for swimming?
They were the first guests we had over to swim, and I think they've been the first ones for a couple years now. Not that Sam wasn't here first, but they were the first people to actually get in the water. Sam only dipped her toes in. :)
(FYI, some of these pictures are from Em's camera, and some are from mine. See if you can spot which ones are from whom.)
The pool is so pretty when it's still like this...
Such a candid shot. I think he was talking to Em, who was right beside me.
Look at those muscles, Em! You been working out or something? Hahaha, couldn't resist.
I think that's one of the best jump shots I've ever done. I love how the boys are just playing with the toys, not even caring that I'm going to spray them in the face with water in roughly half a second!
I really should have turned around like I did before for this one. Clark and I call this jump the starfish. Yes, we make up names for our jumps.
Clark does some of the best cannonballs...next to Dad, of course. :)
After we swam for a little while, we went back inside to get a snack, upload a video, and play the Wii. When the boys were cooled off, we headed back outside to take some more jumping shots. It took a lot of begging to get the boys to cooperate, but they did. Thanks guys!
He looks like a little man. A very tan little man.
Brother/sister love. Everyone together now...Awww!
He really wanted me to take this picture of him, so I did. I didn't know Dad was in the bottom right corner, though.
On to the jump shots! It was pretty hard when it was Em and I's turn. I think she was taking picture on both mine and her camera, and that takes mad photo-taking skills!
Such enthusiasm, Clark!
Her cheerleading pose cracks my up...in a good way.
Love her face in this one...
Andrew wasn't a fan of taking pictures, but his were too funny not to put on the blog. He reminds me of a eagle or something.

I realized that my cover-up was caught in the wind mid-air, so I promptly pulled it down. You never know who might see you out there. 

Remember I said that I had the best jump shot ever earlier? Well, this one doesn't hold a candle to that one! If my hair wasn't going every which way, I'd put it up as my profile picture, which needs to be updated, by the way.

Thanks for the great afternoon, you guys! Many, many memories were made today...

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