blogging...on sunday

Obviously, I didn't blog yesterday, not even a scheduled post or anything. Although I did check my Google reader, and even started this post, I didn't hit the "publish" button once. Now, if you've frequented my blog as of late, you know that I've been making up for all those dreary winter months when I didn't post but 10 times a month by posting once, or twice, a day, so for me to not post anything for a whole day was a big step, which leads me to what I'm really trying to say...I'm not blogging, or logging into Blogger, on Sundays.
Say what? Yes, it's a pretty big thing, at least to me, but I know once I explain myself, you'll understand. And I promise you, the withdrawal symptoms from not having my presence in the blogging world don't be as bad as you think! :) At least not as bad as they will be for me.
Part of the reason I've come to this life altering (Okay, not really...) conclusion is most people are too busy with general Sunday things to blog, and I'm come to realize that there's really no reason for me to check my Google reader in hopes of seeing a new blog post. I tend to spend hours on end just staring at the computer screen with my eyes glazed over, looking at old blog posts. And, really, I could be doing other things.
Now, I know that some people take a Sunday to relax, and to them that means blogging or getting on Facebook, and that's fine with me! Just means that I'll have more posts to read on Monday mornings. Win-win situation, if you ask me, because I'm a fast reader and tend to be borderline stalker-ish. I love seeing a lot of posts on Monday mornings, and get a thrill reading what you did that weekend.
Third, and most importantly, I think that I can show God the honor and glory He deserves by really truly setting aside the day of rest, which, to me, means unplugging the computer and spending time with the family He gave me. I'll pick up a book and read out by the pool, or play the Wii with the family instead of hopping on the computer. Seems like a good plan to me.
Ya'll, I'm leaving you with a challenge...If you feel lead, join me in not blogging on Sundays. I'd love it if you did, but don't feel like you have too. I just wanted to let you guys know that this isn't just something that I feel like me, myself, and I should do.
Ahh! Hear that? It's a sigh of relief on my part. I feel like a weight has been lifted, and I couldn't be happier!

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  1. You are setting such a great example. I know I need to do better! I enjoy reading your blog, I will just have to wait for Monday! :}