ff challenge day 4

As promised, the pictures for Day Four's outfit were taken outside by Sam. Thanks Sam! You taking the pictures was a much more pleasant experience than what it would have been if Clark had been the photographer.

Don't judge me on this picture! The sun was in my eyes, and I definitely picked the wrong day to wear black. It was even worse than yesterday's whole shirt thing. It didn't help that I was outside taking pictures of Clark's Zoology co-op.

Outfit specs:
Shirt: $4 from the Target girl's section. That's right...I'm about to be fifteen and I still wear girl's sizes. No comment.
Dress: From Target also. It was one of my more expensive purchases, but it was only $20. It's reversible, so that's a plus. Kinda like a two-for-one type thing, which makes the blow of spending 20 bucks at one time, on one piece of clothing, a little softer.
Shoes: Since the black pair of Speedo flip-flops we got the other day need to be returned (long story), I had to wear my black flats. They're a little scuffed up, but I've gotten my money's worth, considering I've had them for 2 summers. $6 at JCPenny's made them a even better deal.
Jewelry and Hair: College cross necklace. It's pretty much a given that I'm wearing it, right? I considering braiding my hair, but I just decided to blow-dry it and pull it back with a headband, but without a part. Makes it have a little body to it, which is great considering I have the Lyons' family hair: Straight, thin, and comes with a mind of it's own. At least I don't have a double crown like Clark does.
Look for another post later tonight!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love your outfit, SA! You're so pretty! :D

  2. Cute outfit, Sarah-Anne! :D I love it!


  3. Sarah-Anne,

    Umm...where did you get the "I love comments" blog button? :D



  4. i think i got it from emily's blog, but i don't think it's still there. try scrappy blog.com, then click on the "buttons and blinkies" page. if it's not there, i don't have any more suggestions other than google it.
    hope that helps!