the simple woman's daybook for may 24th

Alright, guys, you know the drill! Another Monday means another Simple Woman's Daybook, so head on over to Peggy's to read up on all the rules and regulations, then come back and type up your own post, link up and...volia! You've just particapted in the blog carnival that is known as The Simple Woman's Daybook. I don't care if spell check thinks that "Daybook" isn't really a word; I'm still going with it.
(PS...If you haven't noticed from past Simple Woman Daybooks, I've been on a quest to find the perfect opening for each installment. I'm pretty confident that this could be the one, so feel free to skip the first part if you're a long time reader. If you happened upon my blog on, say...a Tuesday, you definitely need to read the intro! :)

For today...May 24th, 2010. Ya'll, it's less than a month until my birthday, less than a month until Toy Story 3 comes out (Yes, I am a total Toy Story groupie, even though I'll be 15. Don't judge me.), and, most importantly, less than a month until I will have my beloved Canon Rebel in my hands! I am sooo excited you would not believe it.
Outside my window...It's a sunshiny day! Isn't that a song or something?
I am thinking...About how many things I need to get done, like washing my bed sheets, along with roughly eleventy billion loads of other clothes. I'm going to be pretty upset when I go upstairs to crash and burn tonight, only to find out that my sheets didn't get washed.
I am thankful for...The quietness that I'm surrounded by here in the schoolroom. I think that's a bad sign, though.
From the learning rooms...Just math. Math is coming out of my ears, and I realized that I forgot half the stuff I learned this year, which will make for a interesting couple of weeks as I try to finish up this textbook. I mean, do they really expect me to complete 129 lessons of math in a school year? It's not going to happen, people!
From the kitchen...We just braved Walmart for the first time in a year to compare prices on food, so our pantry is full of stuff. Unfortunately, none of that stuff is really a meal in and of itself, so guess who's cooking dinner tonight? Me.
I am wearing...A pink polo shirt and jean capris. Upside to summer: you get to wear less items of clothing. Downside: You can't wear anything more than once, so that means more laundry to do. Boo!
I am creating...My inner artist died. Again. Poor, poor inner artist.
I am going...Wash clothes. I hate that the theme of this Simple Woman's Daybook post is about laundry, but it's what's on my mind right now.
I am reading...I'm this close to finishing Leslie Ludy's new book, but after that it's on to the summer novels. Hello, Beverly Lewis! I'm missed reading about those Amish people.
I am hoping...That no one comes in here to disturb me. I'm really enjoying this alone time I'm having!
I am hearing...Nothing, really. I think that's a good thing, but I'm sensing something's going on out there. Not good.
Around the house...It's just Butter and me in the schoolroom, and since we've shut the door, it's pretty quiet.
One of my favorite things...I have rediscovered my love for popcorn. While we were grocery shopping, I pleaded and begged Mom to buy some popcorn to watch with tonight's season finale of Chuck. She obliged, and now I have plenty of popcorn to eat while I watch my fave shows on Hulu.com. I'm a hulu girl at heart!
A few plans for the rest of the week...Nothing. Anyone want to come and visit me in this prison my family calls a house? :) Seriously, I don't even have my schoolbooks to keep me company.
A picture for thought I am sharing...I'm still catching you guys up on beach photos (I know, I know...Bad vacation blogger!), so I've got to include this quite random photo I took on the last day.

I'm not the only one who thinks that this picture is mesmerizing, am I? I love the way sand looks!

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