update: beach style

Is anyone besides me getting a little paranoid that my last 3 posts don't have any pictures? No; it's just me? Okay, then, moving on to the real reason I'm typing this post rather than watching cable, which we don't have at home...
Anyway, I'm updating to tell you that we're still here since my internet presence has been lacking. Not that I maintain a presence online by only blogging, not commenting. Did that last sentence make since? Our sunburned/tanned family will be heading out around 10am tomorrow and making the trek up to the beach to take a family picture, then hitting the road, getting home in time to unload and (hopefully) snag a quick nap before we go to a cookout for the leader's of CBS. Mom quickly said yes when she realized that it meant she wouldn't have to cook dinner that night. I don't blame her; we don't have much to work with since we took everything with us to the beach.
Alrighty now, it's off to spend time with the family! And sleep, which is a plus. Sleep, sleep, glorious sleep.

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