subway: eat fresh

A couple weeks back Subway offered a free foot-long sub with the purchase of a regular price one in honor of Tax Day. Since we don't exactly get a "lunch" at CBS, we, naturally, jumped at the chance to get something free. Off we went to the nearest Subway, only to find ten other hungry people in line at the smoked-filled gas station...with a Subway in it. You read that right. A gas station with a Subway in it. Am I the only one who thinks it's strange?
Needless to say, we didn't get our subs from that particular Subway.  When we finally got them, we were off to Dad's office, subs in tow. Armed with Dr. Pepper and Veggie Straws, we made our way up two flights of stairs and had a mini-picnic of sorts in Dad's fishbowl of an office. Seriously, everybody was watching us eat our subs, which was a little nerve racking. Here's a blurry picture of our spread...
I made Dad take this picture, to his dismay. I had basically written this post in my head two weeks ago. True story.
And lastly, Clark explaining the importance of eating Subway in order to support Chuck. With a mouthful of the sub he and Dad split, thank you very much. Manners, child, manners. :) If only eating Subway this time around would really renew Chuck for the fourth season. I'd be eating Subway everyday.

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