oh spring, you are a photographer's dream!

Remember the picture I posted awhile back for Simple Woman's Daybook last week as a tease of what was to come? Well, here they are! I know you readers were constantly checking your Google Reader for this post...or not.
FYI, the trees do not look this way anymore, thanks to the great weekend wind storm of '10, so this post is really just documenting that they actually had flowers on them this year. But if a little wind storm is what we have to put up with to finally get some warmer temps around here, I'll gladly let my hair whip me in the face repeatedly, although feeling the car move around as we came down highway 264 was not cool. At all. 
On to the pictures! The first one is what you'd see if you were swinging on the tire swing. There's another tree in front of the one to the left, but I was trying to capture just how big they really are.
A close up of the second tree. Pure beautifulness, right? Makes me wish I had an awesome camera to take awesome pictures with. Because, you know, if you take a picture on a awesome camera, it's a rule the picture will turn out awesome. Moving on...
I just had to include this one even if it's a little out of focus. See that open window? Look closely and you can see Butter, the cat who thinks he's a human. Really, he does, and he plays the part of an infant perfectly...crying, not meowing, when he's hungry or his litter box is full. I'll probably do a whole other post just about him, because he's that awesome. I've already started showing signs turning into an old cat lady. Help me!! :)

Look for some more posts coming your way soon at a blog near you, which, you know, would be this blog. I'm going to stop now, okay?


  1. Hey Sarah! I love the spring pictures. They were well worth the wait. :-) It's true that spring is a photographer's dream... I've had sooo much fun over the past few weeks photographing all these lovely flowers and blossoms. I look forward to seeing more spring pictures here on your blog. :-) Blessings!

  2. Those are amazing...beautiful photos!