guess what?!

Guess who got a perfect score in Wii bowling last week? Yep, that would be me! And I have photographic proof to back it up. Scroll on down to see the evidence, plus a really cheesy grin that you will only see this one time. Oh yeah, guess what we said when the game was all over? "This is going on the blog!" True story.
Poor Dad said he wanted this to go on the blog, but was ashamed to put his bad score in front of the World Wide Web.

I was trying to be like one of those models on the Price is Right or some daytime TV show. I look like I'm just smirking, but, seriously, I was jumping up and down on the inside.
I'm saving the best for last, but it's more like worst for last. Whatever.
And...there it is! :) Like I said, this is the first and last time you will see a picture like this on here. But not because I'm vain or anything, but because, yeah...there's really no other reason.

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