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I feel like I've left you, my faithful blog readers, in the dark for the past week. Truth is I have, and the upcoming week will be even busier than the previous one!
Yesterday night was Emily and Katie's joint birthday party. They generously offered to let me spend the night since I was one of the only ones without a ride back home (i.e. a car), plus I live a little ways away from them. We stayed up past midnight laughing about something to do with the word "bubbles", and didn't get up until 9:30, which was pretty awesome in and of itself. Made breakfast, ate our french toast while watching the Duggar's knit baby booties for their newest addition to their already insanely big family, and got into a half and hour long pillow fight/air mattress war, all while we were supposed to be getting ready.  Then we took a shower, got something for lunch, and helped Andrew with his newest Playmobil video before Mom arrived to pick me up. If he ever posts said videos, beware of my mad screaming skills. We just about died laughing when the crazy man came through the window while he was sleep walking. Interesting story line, but I like it.
Needless to say, I'm crashing and burning tonight, and I'm pretty sure they are too! Thankfully we don't have anywhere to go tomorrow so we can sleep in and work on school work the whole day. But the rest of the week is a different story. Mom's job training begins on Tuesday (prayers are great appreciated!) and since it's not in the town closest to us, we're being shipped off to other homeschooling families who are going to take us in during part of the week. I don't think we've seen this many of our friends in this short of a time span, but it promises to be a week full of early mornings and memories that only come from a caffeine induced coma. Don't worry, we're not those people of have to have a coffee drip in the mornings, but I just might have to start taking cold showers and actually drinking coffee in order to stay awake...
Look for a Simple Woman's Daybook, Wordless Wednesday, and a couple other posts that will be most definitely scheduled this week!

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