the simple woman's daybook for april 8th

It's Spring Break, so you'd think I'd have time to blog a little more often, but sadly I have not. I have plenty of posts all typed up, awaiting approval from the parents, so writing the posts isn't a problem...the parents are! :) Yeah, let's just say that's my excuse for my not posting for almost two weeks. I wonder if that's why I've lost some followers.
What better way to break back into the blogging world with a Simple Woman's Daybook? Without further ado, because I'm really just rambling on, I give you the fifth installment of the Simple Woman's Daybook.

Outside my window...It's gorgeous, although since a cold front is moving in and bringing some rain and possible thunderstorms, it's pretty windy. Remember that wind storm we had a couple weeks ago? Well, this one's giving that one a run for it's money.
I am thinking...about all the things that I want to do, not need to do. There's a big difference, you know.
I am thankful for...Days like today, and night time thunderstorms like we're supposed to have tonight. Dad and I love to hear little rumbles of thunder as we're falling asleep.
From the learning rooms...It's Spring Break, baby! Except for some brainstroming about my online class' final project, I am free. Free, free, free.
From the kitchen...Black bean burgers with sweet potato fries and some raw veggies are on the menu tonight. You'd think we're vegetarians, but we do enjoy and hamburger off the grill every now and then during the summer.
I am wearing...A grey t-shirt, compliments of Emily, and my skinny jeans that I cuffed. Aren't cuffed pants in right now? Please tell me they are, because I've been wearing them the whole week!
I am creating...I almost resurrected my dead inner artist out of boredom this week, but she remained dead. I do make the sample crafts for the preschool aged children for CBS. Does that count?
I am going...Nowhere, absolutely nowhere. For now, at least.
I am reading...More like re-reading a book. I really wanted to go to Barnes and Nobles this week, but it doesn't look like it's happening. Oh well, I've got plenty of books that are worth reading again.
I am hoping...To get this post done and spend some time with the family later tonight.
I am hearing...The TV and various other things, although the sound of the wind whistling through the house isn't easily ignored.
Around the house...Not much. Car repairs filled up most of the day, so I'm sure showers are going to take place before dinner rather than the usual after dinner shower. I don't blame them.
One of my favorite things...Playing outside. Those old fashioned games like tag, hide and go seek, or even just throwing a ball back and forth. But hitting someone with a Nerf football while they were riding a scooter is even better. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything because it's not like I spent half a hour playing this so called "game". ;)
A few plans for the rest of the week...Grocery shopping tomorrow and church on Sunday, nursery duty actually, are the only things on the calendar.
A picture for thought I am sharing...Instead of just one picture, I'm giving you a link to Miss Lori's SmugMug page. Go HERE to see how we spent last Friday afternoon and renewed my love of those old fashioned games we played when we were little.

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