Now, that title might be a bunch of acroyms to you readers, but to me & the rest of my WOL peeps, it means fun times & memories. Word Of Life: At Church Then Somewhere is one Sunday out of the month where we go out after our Bible lesson & just hang out. Sometimes it's at a WOL family's house...sometimes it's at a frozen yogurt place like it was last week. We went to Loreta's, one of the THREE fro-yo places that just opened up in our town.

One of my favorite parts of ACTS are the bus rides; last time I sat in the back with Rachel & Parker, Conner, and Abbey and we sang "I'm Yours" at the top of our lungs. I'm currently thinking of another song Parker would know on his ukulele for next time.

Once we got there Conner was all like "That place is tiny...but not as tiny as Sarah-Anne." I was all " OH NO you didn't Conner!" We smack talk a lot. ;)

Loreta's was pretty good; I got peanut butter fro-yo with M&M's and choco-covered raisins. Oh yeah, and whipped cream thanks to Conner. It was pretty darn good. :D

 See? I ate a lot, people. Because it was THAT good.

 The GORGEOUS Rachel {she tied a knot in a cherry stem in her mouth}. I love her to death...and she calls me Pretty. It's a camp joke.

 Bree stopped by to hang with is for a few, sporting her Sbux drink to boot. I love that girl as well.

I love how Parker's curled up in the fetal position. Weirdo. 

The one & only Conner. Conner is trouble but he's one of the coolest guys I know.

And no, he's not that serious in real life; he was probably having a rare moment if seriousness when I snapped the pic.

They had all sorts of mix ins, like cereal? Say wha? That's kinda weird to me.

Ya'll. They had cheescake bits for you. Conner & I just about DIED from the awesomeness.

 We laughed, we ate fro-yo, we modeled next to the yogurt machines.


Then we freaked out in the movie theater parking lot. Lots of singing & laughing & digging yourselves into a hole.

I love you WOL people! :)

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