first day of school {2011}

Being an instructor's daughter has it perks...as in we get off of school in May before almost everyone else in the county, but it also has it's downside. Like the fact that you get to START school before everyone else, which is usually the second week in August.

Oh yes, school here at our house has official kicked off & while we haven't started every subject, or even done full days of school {we're doing half days this week} we have started the ahem wonderful subject of math.

Since I'm so OCD & want to remember what subjects I took my junior year at my 25th high school reunion {which is funny because the only other student would be my little bro, ha!}, here's a list of what will keep my locked up in my school cave for the better part of 2011-2012...


We always count Bible as a subject, and with CBS, WOL Online Quiet Times, and my wonderful teen girls Bible Study, I've got my Jesus! ;) I can't wait to grow in the Lord, both in my own personal relationship with Christ AND with my fellow believers.

As always, I have a want-to-read list & try to read 16 books a school year. Right now I'm reading When God Writes Your Love Story {with Lady in Waiting next in line} but I'm on the lookout for new nonfiction books on homemaking, dating/courtship, and  for the future! 


The only thing I have a problem with about NC homeschool graduate requirements is that I HAVE to have four units of math. Thus, both units of Algebra, Geometry, and a higher unit such as Trig, Calculus, or College level Algebra...which is what awaits me my senior year. Boo hiss.

I've currently done the first 2 lessons of Algebra 2, and it's not that bad...but all first Chapters of any textbook butter you up to believe you will rock this school year. But that's not true. So, I have to apply myself.


My only college level class this year is ENG 111 at our neighboring county college, LCC. Looking forward to it, but at the same time it'll be hard because I like to write...what I want to write. Oh well, better get used to the 100 million pages essays early on... ;)


Technically, I'm THROUGH with Science for my high school requirements {can I get a ::fist bump::} I'm taking the only science that I would deem "fun": Advanced Biology...aka Anatomy!! Yay, my dream come true! A couple of Clark's friends are going to do a co-op using the middle school level book so I'll be there to answer questions & watch the littles.

As far as I know, this is all I'm taking right now...History & a Social Studies course might be thrown in there too, but I'm not sure about either of those. Regardless, all those subjects of higher learning are what's going to take up my time this semster! See you when it warms back up again!

P.S. Kidding about that last part; I'll be blogging all throughout the school year. I like to mess with my readers sometimes... ;)

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