last day with the Woodley's

As the title oh so bluntly states...it was our last day with Samantha & Caleb Woodley, our pastors kids whom we have "kidsat" for the past 3 summers.

It's always a bittersweet day {yes, I'm making it sound like I'll never see them again, but that's not true...I'll just see them less often} for me because I LOVE these kids to death & all the memories we make with them each summer. Not to mention the potty humor & insane amounts of Avatar/iCarly, but that's beside the point. I have to admit watching those silly cartoons with Sam is one of the best parts of hanging with them every week. 

The last day started with BeyBlade wars {many war wounds occurred this morning; apparently "Let 'em rip" means fling them at each other ripping out the cord as hard as you possibly can}...

 ...Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Apple Juice for breakfast {which resulted in a stubbed toe for Caleb & laughs from , Avatar for our morning TV time, Hide & Seek, Call of Duty for the boys, laughter over lunch, aforementioned potty humor leaving us breathless from laughing at the most stupid jokes, and a mini photoshoot with the guys while them were playing in Caleb's room...

 Note: Yes, these boys are crazy & yes, these photos capture their personalites EXACTLY. ::sigh:: Gotta love 'em... ;)

I love these two kids wayyy too much for my own good. We'll miss you guys now that you're in school, Sam & Caleb!!

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